Wear White 2 Unite

We are inviting men and women to unite to support an end to workplace bullying and encourage those around them not to look away. Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Often it is hard to know what to do as an individual. #WearWhite2Unite can make a difference.

White has been a colour used for centuries to make a peaceful demonstration. A show of support. The suffragettes made it famous as their movement began to change the course of history for women. As the movement spread, wearing white became an accessible way for anyone to join the cause. By making a color rather than a specific garment their key identifier, the suffragettes created a democratized uniform, meaning women of any race or economic status could afford to dress the part.

Today, workplace bullying is not gender specific and we invite everyone to unite with a show of white on the day to stand with your workmates and call for a fair, just and respectful work place for everyone. Please see the range of posters below, print out your choice and display in your shops, offices, businesses, lunchrooms or in your homes. Let's remind everyone that workplace bullying is never OK!

Printable Posters